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A food delivery service is one of the fastest growing industries today. From meal prep companies to food service providers now offering delivery services, people like having food come directly to their home. If you have opened or plan to open this type of business, you'll need the right type of business insurance to make it possible. READ MORE >>

Did you know that insuring your motorcycle can actually be affordable? Many times, people think motorcycle insurance is expensive. But just like car insurance, there are many ways you can also save on your bike insurance. If you are looking for a new policy, here are four ways you may be able to get a discount on your motorcycle policy. READ MORE >>

As you take a closer look at your current home insurance policy, you have to ask yourself the hard questions. Is this really enough coverage? Is this going to protect your family in the event that your home is lost? After all, if you have to have homeowners insurance, you want it to be enough to protect you from a variety of risks. READ MORE >>

Purchasing renters insurance doesn't have to take much time and doesn't need to be complex. The goal of this type of insurance is to provide you with a level of financial security when certain events happen. Your landlord, while holding insurance for the buildings on the property, does not maintain insurance for your personal belongings. READ MORE >>

When operating a motor vehicle, observing all the rules of the road is important. This means having the right car insurance policy in place, maintaining the right speeds and observing other drivers around you. One of the most important things to remember is that reckless driving can cause more harm than you know. READ MORE >>

Fraud is a major loss for many businesses. In fact, the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) estimates that fraud accounts for 5 percent of revenue loss for businesses each year. Regardless of how much revenue your business generates, you don’t want to lose any money due to fraud. READ MORE >>

If you’re like most people, the idea of saving money on insurance is something that peaks your interest. Motorcycles are often less expensive than cars; plus they use less gas. So, finding ways to spend less on motorcycle insurance seems only fitting. Here are a few money-saving ideas to discuss with your independent insurance agent. READ MORE >>

Many people purchase their homeowners insurance policy without considering what is included in the coverage. All too often, they learn they didn’t purchase enough coverage or changes to their policy impacted how their insurance companies valued their homes after a loss. READ MORE >>

Most homeowners understand the importance of protecting their investment with home insurance, but many renters forgo renters insurance since they do not own the place they call home. However, this coverage comes at an affordable cost and offers invaluable protection that should not be overlooked. READ MORE >>

That’s the most common question that probably comes through my door. The purpose of insurance is to be there when some catastrophe occurs and the most common besides hail in the state of Oklahoma, is most likely car accidents.  So how do you determine whose fault it is? READ MORE >>

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