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Selecting the right auto insurance for your needs is essential, but not always a straightforward process. Dozens of special types of car insurance exist, providing you with numerous options to keep your investment safe. One of the types of auto insurance you may wish to select is medical payments coverage. READ MORE >>

The insurance industry is fiercely competitive. Much like shopping for groceries, many people choose the low-price leader when it comes to coverage. With few barriers preventing you from canceling your renters insurance on any given day and purchasing it from another provider, many insurance prov... READ MORE >>

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states road rage is when drivers “commit moving traffic offenses so as to endanger other persons or property; an assault with a motor vehicle or other dangerous weapon by the operator or passenger of one motor vehicle on the operator or passengers of another motor vehicle. READ MORE >>

Having business insurance can mean facing significant fines and even large settlements when mistakes happen. In some cases, those risks occur through no fault of your business but due to the actions of employees. READ MORE >>

Motorcycle helmet laws are meant to provide you with protection against accidents. Since individuals who operate motorcycles are more likely to be involved in an accident that is more commonly deadly, wearing a helmet can significantly reduce the risk of death or permanent disability. READ MORE >>

If you live in an area where wildfires are a concern, it may be time to take action. Fire season occurs whenever conditions are hot and dry, when there is the highest likelihood that a fire can occur. This happens generally in the summer months, though some areas of the US can have fires begin at any time. READ MORE >>

Renters insurance is there to help you avoid financial loss in situations where an incident occurs. However, it is always best to take any steps possible to avoid those risks and to reduce the likelihood of a claim. In some cases, too many claims can cause your renters insurance rates to rise. READ MORE >>

Collision insurance is significantly different from other forms of auto insurance you may have. This type of insurance protects you financially if you've been involved in a car collision that you've caused. It helps to pay for the losses sustained by your car. READ MORE >>

A food delivery service is one of the fastest growing industries today. From meal prep companies to food service providers now offering delivery services, people like having food come directly to their home. If you have opened or plan to open this type of business, you'll need the right type of business insurance to make it possible. READ MORE >>

Did you know that insuring your motorcycle can actually be affordable? Many times, people think motorcycle insurance is expensive. But just like car insurance, there are many ways you can also save on your bike insurance. If you are looking for a new policy, here are four ways you may be able to get a discount on your motorcycle policy. READ MORE >>

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